Hall of Fame – 2 Million Gold Club: Zurathustra (Stockpile) of Ysera-US

The Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame interviews the few elite players that have hit the World of Warcraft gold cap of 999,999 gold 99 silver 99 copper as well as ones who have obtain 500k and 250k. We have with us, Zurathustra (Stockpile) of Ysera-US, who will be sharing their story with us today.

Zurathustra, also known as Stockpile the blogger (probably the only ad-free gold blogs out there, along with Nerf Faids), is also a original gold cap and millionaire pre-Cataclysm. You can also read about his Cataclysm 1 Million Gold Cap Interview here.

Bonus 2 Million Gold Questions

How did you go from one to two million gold?

Consistency is key to any form of success, be it making gold or completing a college education. You have to find your own personal style, your method of study and application, and what is the most effective method for YOU. The for you part is the most important. My way of playing the AH may not work at all for you even though it’s proven to be one of the most effective out there.

You need to find what works and adapt it to your specific situation as every individual is different. My prices aren’t the same as yours so my pricing methods may not work as well. This is where knowing the AH theory is important so that you can react on the fly instead of having to go to an accomplished AH baron and beg fro another step by step guide every day.

Asking for advice is great, we all did it or sought it out for ourselves, but a 12 step program won’t get you anywhere. Knowing why something sells is the key to this. Are people lazy? Is a certain market not profitable because of XYZ? If so how would that effect similar ones?

I refined my posting times down to a fine tuned science. I can tell you down to the exact hour that is prime for posting weather you have all day to play or only an hour to post once. This was my biggest change personally.

Why did you do the things between one and two million?

I always strive to improve myself in everything I do both IRL and in game. And after a million gold, the money has absolutely zero meaning to me. I couldn’t care less about making gold as there is no reason to have a single copper more. I did it because it was fun. When you hit the cap and decide to hit it again this is what you have to do.

The fine tuning of my method really came to light shortly after 4.1 came. I knew exactly who my competition was, their posting habits etc (big thanks to my girl for help in this) . I bought up anything cheap that was going up in value and in the first 24 hours of the patch I had made over 100k in profits. Yes, profits. That week I pulled in a massive 241k profit for the week and that rate of sales continued on for several more days.

What are your most profitable markets that represent a large percentage of your net profits and why?

The biggest % of my profits comes from enchanting because of the one word that any AH baron will scream from the mountain tops: diversity. Everybody says more than 1 profession is diversity, but always forget that some professions have multiple markets in and of themselves. For enchanting it’s each “tier” of enchanting from cata to wrath to bc, all the way down to ones that take dream dust.

The lower the tier the higher the profit margins become and this is why I have over a hundred individual scrolls on AH every day for a total of almost 600 active auctions of nothign but enchantign scrolls. And they all sell. This one is all about controlling the supply of lower level non cata mats and keeping your stokpile up. Once you buy up everything on AH, it could be weeks before any more comes around.

Because of this huge diversity in items for sale, I can catch every single player form the lowbie alt to the heroic 25 raider. Leave no market untouched.

What is the best advice you can give to other players?

Read my blog. Yes seriously. I’m not trying for a free plug here or pat myself on the back at all. I’ve written dozens of pages on the why and the how, the main things that you want to learn about are when things sell, why they sell, and how often. But I’ll give the short version here. This kind of research will give you the information that you need so that when a patch comes you can react accordingly and make 100k in a day like I have every patch. You need to know far more than just what to sell. There’s a lot more to the AH game than hitting a post all macro.

There is a logical and well thought out reason for absolutely everything I do on the AH. The amount I stokpile, the amount I undercut by, the total number of a single item I’ll list at once, when and how often I post, etc. All of this and more is something that cannot be taught and, unfortunately, the foundation of reaching 2 million. These important things all have to be figured out entirely on your own. Luckily for you though, there are plenty of resources out there beyond just this interview and my blog. Find out what works for you and apply it accordingly.

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    1. Ah thanks for mentioning it even though I have been to your site multiple times. I think I have ad blindness, meaning I block out ads naturally when browsing. We will mention you as well.

      1. Not a problem, I love that there's a Stockpile interview up, his blog got me into blogging and he's always one of the gold makers I'm most interested in learning about. :D I read his Rift posts now and I don't even play it! Kudos to Warcraftecon for putting up his interview, and grats to Stockpile on ridiculous gold making talent!
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  1. my personal 2nd most influential gold blogger ever. So much information and knowledge in his blog, A must read for any aspiring gold maker.

    (1st most influential blogger for me was tela for hitthecap as that is where i learnt all the basics, stockpile's blog is quite a bit more advanced)

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