Hall of Fame – 1 Million Gold Cap Club: Altolycus of Ghostlands-US

The Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame interviews the few elite players that have hit the World of Warcraft gold cap of 999,999 gold 99 silver 99 copper as well as ones who have obtain 500k and 250k. We have with us, Altolycus of Ghostlands-US, who will be sharing their story with us today.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your gaming experience.

Hey folks! I have hit the gold cap, again. Back mid Wrath (after hitting the “old” GC, 214K, I transferred my main to Ghostlands. I started focusing on gold again pre “The Shattering” and rocked up to about 100K just before the release. Since then I have leveled two toons to 85, one with Herbalism and Mining and one with Inscription and Jewelcrafting. In the meantime, I added a 75 to my mix, with Alchemy Transmute spec (for the daily xmute and Shadowspirits) and Enchanting to assist with, well, mainly the Obsidium Shuffle. Now onto the interview!

Do you raid or PvP most?

When I first started, I was a heavy PvP’er, sitting at 59 for quite some time….Then upon meeting a few fellow PvP’ers  that noticed my “uber” playing (haha) convinced me to join their guild. It was then that I hit 60, got guilded and started raiding. MC, ZG, and ZQ20 were the highlights. I feel that at early times, raiding was tough, enjoyable, and took A LOT of time to accomplish. I remember that it took our guild almost 2 months to clear MC and get to farm status. Good times.

Why did you choose to collect this amount of gold?

As I mentioned in my first interview, I have basically been “a collector” of gold for years now, but never as much as since Cata. I wanted the million. And the “diploma” that WarcraftEcon delivers. Although it’s not on paper, it is recognition. As a gold blogger, I felt that I better get the cap, because, well, That’s what I write about. Gold making. I feel that I have graduated [again], with hitting the new cap.

How did you go about getting to the gold cap?

For my last interview with you guys for hitting 500K, I spoke about diversification, supply and demand, and watching your markets. All of which is very true, and is a “time tested” surefire way to make gold in this game called WoW.

This time, I will mention a bit about reading. Nah, not what you think. Let’s say “surfing” instead. There are a ton of great gold blogs out there that cover a lot of great information and gold tips. Recently, since the release of Cataclysm, I have added near thirty gold blogs to my blogroll, with each having their own “niches” they speak about in their own writing style, giving an amazing amount of information to the masses.

As I mentioned above, I don’t have 10 level 85’s, I have two (and a dinky 75). I don’t have every profession, I really only have four at my disposal (and herbs and ore). I am not guilded, I pretty much keep to myself in game, so I can count on one hand how many folks I talk to on my server. What I do have is knowledge. I chose the top four gold making professions to get myself to this cap. In Cata, there are so many ways to make gold that you don’t need everything (although I would have hit a million a lot quicker if I had more profs available).

How did you learn to do it? Anyone or resource you would like to thank?

A lot of what I did was self taught, as I didn’t start reading gold blogs till later in my “gold-making” life. It all started with Gevlon at The Greedy Goblin, and Markco at JMTC. These guys are the pros. No doubt about it.

What addons, if any, do you use to help you make gold and why are they needed?

Postal, Auctioneer and Auctionator are my main choices. Postal makes for quick opening of your mail (and used A LOT). Don’t get me wrong, the two Auction addons are great solo, but untouchable when utilizing both of them.

I also have to add that TSM for glyph sales is pro as well. Although it took a bit to get setup, I have been using it for a few weeks and have already “profited” from my original time investment. There are a few bugs still, but for the most part, it’s a great addon.

Are you still going for more gold?

Not sure. When I hit the first cap of 214K, I took a break.  Since my last interview with you in February, (500K), I have been pushing to get to the new cap, and now that I have, another break might be in order….

Do many people know you have this amount of gold?

Anyone that has asked, really. I am not the type that hides what I worked hard for. A few folks on my server, anyone that reads my blog sees my bankroll every once in a while on SS, and now everyone that reads this article.

Did you spend your gold on fun things? What have you bought? What things would you like to buy?

If there is a Blizz gold sink in the game, I have it. Travelers’ Tundra Mammoth? Three of em. Mechano Hog? Two of those. Haris Pilton’s Gigantique? Got one. Vial of the Sands? Yup. One on my main. And when Blizz adds more, I will buy them. Why drive around in a rusty old ride?  Buy things that you enjoy, you worked for that gold, might as well spend it.

If you were the professor of a Gold Making 101 college class, what would be some things you would talk about?

I hit on this above. Knowledge. Understanding how your market works, what sells, when are the best times to post, using trade channel to your advantage, flipping items. There are so many more ways to make gold, and classes to be had, that I could cover a small university with classes. I have been teaching some tricks on my blog now for some time, and have been a Coach as well, which I have taught around a dozen classes on the subject already, with great results.

Do you have good farming strategies or spots?

I am not gonna say the AH, as I hate when goldmakers say “the best spot is the AH”. Although you do spend quite some time there, and you do make a ton of gold from there (obviously).  I do solo farm quite often, maybe an hour or so every few days. I like hitting some old dungeons for drops, I don’t mind the occasional herb/ore farm, I fish once in a while in Tol’Barad to get the Shipwreck Debris, or even popping a Potion of Treasure finding and just grinding some mobs here and there.

What was the best deal you ever came across?

Blizzard adding in Glyphs. That has been such a huge moneymaker for a long time, that I really can’t think of any deal that has been better. Ok, maybe vendoring Cata greens gems for 9g….that will be a close second.

Do you remember any of your worst deals?

Last interview, I hit on getting smoked with an investment in Titanium Ore back in Wrath. A few weeks ago, I listed two Hurricane Decks for 1600g instead of 16K. So I would have to say that losing 30K in less than 5 minutes (they both sold instantly in the AH) has to be at the top of the list there….

What are you predictions for the future WoW economy?

Here, I think I am supposed to say something about “pyrite ore” again, but there are so many predictions out there already, I will not. I will go out on a limb here….I predict that one day gold will fall from the skies and land in your bags. With each expansion that comes out, the gold just gets easier and easier to accumulate, so the economy will continue to decline, prices will continue to go up, and I can imagine that blizz will have to convert gold to “platinum” or some sort sometime soon. By next xpac, there will be folks hitting 10 million as easy as we are hitting one now.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for Warcraft Econ. Do you have any last words?

Good luck in your search for gold, and once again, you haven’t seen the last of me on Warcraft Econ!

For a more in depth view on my gold making in WoW, and if you are interested in hiring me to be your personal AH Coach, visit my blog ALTOs Gold”ish” Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever! for the most current and up to date information in the WoW economy.

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