Hall of Fame – 1 Million Gold Cap Club: Anaalius of Chamber of Aspects-EU

The Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame interviews the few elite players that have hit the World of Warcraft gold cap of 999,999 gold 99 silver 99 copper as well as ones who have obtain 500k and 250k. We have with us, Anaalius of Chamber of Aspects-EU, who will be sharing their story with us today.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your gaming experience.

Hi all, I am Anaalius, level 85 Orc Warlock of the Chamber of Aspects realm EU. I have been playing World of Warcraft for just over 3 years now and still loving every minute of it. I reached the gold cap on the 24th February 2011. I have been in a number of semi successful raiding guilds in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King and now in Cataclysm I am the guild master of a small PvP guild.

Do you raid or PvP most? Both? How do you enjoy the game?

PvP is my main source of enjoyment in WoW, mainly arena which I do regularly on 4 of my max level characters, I would also like to raid but I just cant find the time to fit a raiding schedule, I also never liked relying on another 24 people to down new bosses. I find Arena a lot more suited to my needs, I also am an avid pet and mount collector with over 100 of each and always looking for more. When I am not PvPing I will be trying to make gold one way or another.

Why did you choose to collect this amount of gold?

As I have always been a mount collector, I started to collect this amount of gold so if one day a Spectral Tiger appeared on my auction house I would be able to get it straight away. I never imagined going for 1 million gold but after I reached the old gold cap It didn’t seem like an impossible goal any more, when I realised It was in reach I decided it would be nice to have that much gold and be able to buy anything I wanted in game.

How did you go about getting to the gold cap? Any creative or original ideas?

I used a variety of methods to reach the gold cap, Firstly I made sure I had ever profession available to my so I wouldn’t be forced to ask guildies for help to craft any item. I also stacked transmute specialization alchemists on any free profession slot for the daily cooldown.

For my crafting professions I would make sure that I would always have items which were profitable to craft on the auction house.

I would flip quite a lot of rare items, buying them when multiple were on the auction house getting undercut and sell them when there where none left. I would also buy rare items in bulk, such as the 5 Items rewarded to a Shadowmourne wielder in the unsealed chest, I would pay 200000g for all 5 items then sell them of individually for a profit.

I would also take quite a few risky investments, for the second Darkmoon Faire of Cataclysm I had invested 600000g of my gold into crafting Darkmoon cards, at the time I only have 15k left after the investment and was waiting 1 week till the Faire arrived, but over the course of the next 3 weeks I reaped the rewards and shot up to 800k gold. This was very risky for me as I actually didn’t do too much research into how good the trinkets actually were and I wont be crafting them again. Unfortunately these Darkmoon trinkets do not have the same longevity which the Wrath ones had.

I have also been quite into buying low price ore, prospecting it and using the gems in a variate of ways to profit including selling the uncommon gems, selling cut rare gems, crafting rings to disenchant, selling the rare rings, using the enchanting mats to sell pure or on scrolls, crafting meta gems and transmuting rare gems as well. A process commonly know of shuffling.

What is your master list?

Both full pvp sets.
Powerful spellthread x5 per week [Dreamcloth Cooldown]
All 4 full pvp sets.
Charscale Leg Armour
Dragonscale Leg Armour

Both pvp sets.
Pyrium shield spikes.
Enchanting rods – Adamantite, Fel Iron, Titanium, Truesilver, Arcanite, Elementium

Weapon enchants – Heartsong – Hurricane – 2h agility
Armour – spell piercing on cloak – Mighty resilience on chest – Mighty stats on chest

Transmute – Living elements x 4 daily
Transmute – Shadowspirit Diamonds
Transmute – Infeno Rubies
Transmuting – Arcanite
Transmute – Primal Might

Darkmoon cards [lvl85]
Mysterious Fortune cards
sell Inferno Inks

Infeno Ruby– Brilliant, Bold, Delicate
Demonseye – Glinting, Veiled
Ocean Sapphire – Rigid, Sparkling, Stormy
Dream Emerald – Forceful, Jagged, Steady
Amberjewel – Mystic, Quick
Ember Topaz – Adept, Artful, Willful, Inscribed
Shadowspirit Diamond – Agile, Reverberating, Burning, Destructive, Revitalizing

What items are in your Snatch list?

Currently I am using my snatch list to keep tabs of rare / unobtainable items which may pop up on the auction house. Although I have recently reinstalled and have not remade my list just yet, but items on it were mostly from this thread

I am constantly buying Embersilk cloth, Savage leather, Obsidium ore, Elementium ore, Pyrite ore, Whiptail, Cinderbloom, And every Volatile. All of these items have different buying thresholds which I change depending on my stock.

How did you learn to do it? Anyone or resource you would like to thank?

I learnt by reading gold blogs and websites, watching videos on youtube, and lurking various forums. I would like to thanks Stokpile, Marcko, Greedy Goblin and Tela, These are the people who I mainly learnt from in the beginning, but nowadays there are too many names to thanks, but if you have a gold blog the chances are you have helped me so thank you!

What add-ons, if any, do you use to help you make gold and why are they needed?

  • Auctioneer for its snatch list and searching functions.
  • TradeSkillMaster for its advanced posting and cancelling features, this greatly reduces the time I need to spend at the auction house.
  • MailOpener which automatically retrieves all of the mail to my bags.
  • Altoholic which keeps track of items in my bags and on other characters as well as how much gold is on each

Are you still going for more gold? If so, do you have a new goal? Are you close?

At the moment I will be relaxing from making any serious gold but I could see myself going for 2 million at some point, but I wont be pushing for that milestone too soon.

Do many people know you have this amount of gold?

Quite a few as I have a gold blog and I am not really shy about telling people.

Did you spend your gold on fun things? What have you bought? What things would you like to buy?

The most fun things I have spent my gold on are probably my Tabard of the Lightbringer and Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger, I also bought a Big Battle Bear and am currently on the look out for other TCG mounts. I ended up spending quite a bit on achievements and feats of strength such as The Insane, not sure if you would count those as fun but I do.

If you were the professor of a gold making 101 college class, what would be some things you would talk about?

The importance of knowing the markets which your in, Stockpiling materials and knowing how to value your items. I would also urge people who are serious about gold making to start reading gold blogs to gain as much knowledge as you can.

How about an advanced gold making class?

I would talk in depth about supply and demand, how value between players is not only measured in gold but also time and a few other factors. I would also go into market manipulation

Do you have good farming strategies or spots?

While farming inst my forte, I would get gathermate2+data and routes. Configure them both and just mine/herb away till my hearts content. I would also probably mine Adamanitite in Nagrand as that’s quite rare on my auction house easily going for 150g per stack.

What was the best deal you ever came across?

My best deal would have to be buying all 5 items in the unsealed chest [mount, tabard, trinket, musix box and portal] for 200000g. I sold the tabard for 180k gold and the mount for 120k. The other 3 items for around 20k gold each as well.

Do you remember any of your worst deals?

I would have to say it was actually selling the Tabard of the Lightbringer for 180k, Although it was amazing profit I did have to sell it on the neutral auction house which took a massive 27000g cut.

What are your future plans with WoW?

I plan on getting all my characters to level 85, playing a lot of arena which I’m hoping to get at least rival on a few of my characters, progress my guild in rated battleground. I also want to cut down the time I spend on the auction house but retain the profit.

What are you predictions for the future WoW economy?

I predict that unlike quite a few people are assuming, epic gems will not become prospectable from Pyrite ore. I wont be taking the risk and stockpiling with the little info we know regarding epic gems. I see it more likely that they will be transmuted and obtained via justice points.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for Warcraft Econ. Do you have any last words?

Thank you for the opportunity and If any off the readers liked anything I had to say you should check out anaalius.com – my site which documents my gold making efforts and also gives you the knowledge you need help you on your own journey to the gold cap.

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