Hall of Fame – 1 Million Gold Cap Club: Faid of Argent Dawn-US

Cataclysm Gold Cap

The Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame interviews the few elite players that have hit the World of Warcraft gold cap of 999,999 gold 99 silver 99 copper as well as ones who have obtain 500k and 250k. We have with us, Faid of Argent Dawn US, who will be sharing their story with us today.

WoW Gold Cap

Please tell us a little about yourself and your gaming experience.

First I feel I should mention that my name may sound familiar to some! I write Nerf Faids (Nerffaids.blogspot.com) a WoW gold making blog/journal dedicated to tracking my gold-making adventures and hopefully sharing a few helpful tips every once and a while.

My main character is Faid, a human protection/retribution paladin on Argent Dawn US, though some may know me as a Blood Elf mage of the same name on Daggerspine back in Burning Crusade. Before WoW the only games I really played to a great degree were Counter Strike (1.6) and Diablo II.

I played a significant amount of console games, mostly for the PS2. Favored series were definitely Tomb Raider, Fatal Frame, Final Fantasy, and, of course, the Katamari series. However, the bulk of my PC gaming has definitely been WoW.

Do you raid or PvP most? Both? How do you enjoy the game?

I raid, for the most part. I am very terrible at PvP and am fine with that; it’s never been something that interested me. (It’s what caused me to reroll on Argent Dawn, an RP server, in Wrath and abandon Daggerspine, a PvP server.) I believe the guild I’m in, Legacy of the Illuminati, describes itself as a “casual semi-hardcore raiding guild,” whatever that means. What it means for me is I raid 9 hours a week, which is a great relief since Wrath when I raided 40 hours a week!

My other interests mostly fall in gold-making, grinding achievements, and leveling alts, all of which I find incredibly entertaining.

Why did you choose to collect this amount of gold?

I can’t really put a finger on an exact reason. “Because I wanted it” is basically the closest I can get. I started taking gold-making seriously in September of 2010, mostly with my eyes on Cataclysm’s upcoming release. I didn’t necessarily have a goal, other than the fact it’d be nice to hit the goldcap (Then 214k) before the expansion came out. I just wanted a little “breathing room” and to be able to afford whatever I wanted without breaking the bank.

Quickly I “got a taste” for gold-making as well as gold blogging and I was off on an epic golden adventure that continues to this day.

How did you go about getting to this gold amount? Any creative or original ideas?

I started in Glyphs but quickly got burnt out, as many tend to do. I branched out into Alchemy and Jewelcrafting; making a fair amount at the end of Wrath off of things like transmuting and cutting meta gems. I was addicted to professions that make gold and sought to find a way to make gold with every profession, even though some weren’t as powerful as others.

The core of my gold making remained seated with glyphs and gems and still does to this day but I quickly branched out and was often selling belt buckles, crafted entry-level gear (particularly the PvP gear in Cata,) engineering pets, enchanting scrolls; anything that seemed to turn a good profit that crossed my radar was quickly picked up as a market. I’d ride that wave until I became bored or found something more fun and hopped from market to market learning all sorts of ways to make gold.

I think it’s important to not get sucked into trends as the “one and only true way” to make gold. Shuffling is great, don’t get me wrong. But often you’ll see people latch onto a single strategy. It may work well for them but I can’t imagine it’s all that fun. Gold making should be fun. If you’re not having fun playing the game, why are you playing it at all?

What is your master list?

Rather than being incredibly set in a single market I dabble a bit in several, so let’s try to break this down. Here are the items that have accounted for the most gold incoming, according to my MySales. I have only listed individual items which alone accounted for at least 10,000g incoming. I’m going to focus on Cataclysm sales as I have no pre-Cata sales data.


  • Scroll: Chest – Mighty Stats* (My single highest grossing item at 46,789g in sales)
  • Scroll: Gloves – Haste
  • Scroll: Gloves – Mastery
  • Scroll: Cloak – Critical Strike
  • Scroll: Cloak – Protection
  • Materials: Hypnotic Dust, Heavenly Shards, Greater Celestial Essence


  • Cut Cata Blue Gems (All colors of course)
  • Blue-quality Cata Jewlery (Jasper Rings, Alicite Pendants, etc.)
  • Appropriate green gems for the dailies.


  • Inferno Ink
  • Mysterious Fortune Card (26k in total sales)
  • Dust of Disappearance (10,163g in total sales)
  • All Glyphs


  • Truegold

Crafting Professions-

  • Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  • Bloodied/Ornate Pyrium Hats, Chests, and Pants
  • Emberfire/Fireweave Hats, Chests, and Pants


  • Vendor Recipes and Pets flipped cross-faction.

What items are in your Snatch list?

I do not have an official snatch-list and generally buy what I need when I need it, avoiding stockpiling. Items I am often looking for include herbs of all levels (I restock glyphs once a week) and Elementium/Obsidium Ore. Other than that I don’t often buy items, those are the only things I use constantly. I farm my own Life and use that to transmute volatiles I need and so I don’t often find myself shopping the Auction House for items.

How did you learn to do it? Anyone or resource you would like to thank?

The gold-making community as a whole is the resource I would thank. While certain blogs or forums may have influenced me more than others I feel that it’s the existence of the community as a whole that is to be thanked. The gold-making community is an amazing network of some very smart individuals all discussing something they love doing and, had this sort of resource not existed, I doubt I’d have been bit by the gold-making bug.

I would also like to thank any new bloggers and anyone new to the scene of contributing to the gold-making community. A lot of sites out there seem very professional and can seem intimidating but I think it’s the start-up bloggers with unique ideas who really make the community amazing, so thanks to anyone who takes to the keyboard with a desire to share their knoweldge and experiences.

What addons, if any, do you use to help you make gold and why are they needed?

Needed is such a strong word. The main addons I use are TSM along with the plugins Auctioning, Mailing, Crafting, Shopping, and Gathering. I also use Auctionator heavily. I do not use Aucitoneer to any great extent but do have it installed. Then there’s great data tracking addons like MySales and quality-of-life addons like Postal which are amazing. None of these addons are needed, of course, but they sure feel like it sometimes.

TSM was important to me as it allowed me to greatly cut down on the time I spent crafting and posting. There were a lot of addons out there that could do things TSM could do: QuickAuctions3, Lil’Sparky’s Workshop, etc. TSM brought all of the great features into one central addon and made everything so easy, I would recommend it to anyone.

Aucitonator was invaluable for “on the fly” posting and cancelling when I couldn’t be bothered to set up TSM for a single item and I use it for all my buying purposes, it’s the Buying/Selling interface that I feel Blizzard should have used all along.

Are you still going for more gold? If so, do you have a new goal? Are you close?

My intent was to “stop and smell the roses.” Since hitting one million, however, I have made another four hundred thousand very quickly. I have no strong desire to have more but wouldnt’ mind pushing forward for the next goal of two million. I believe if I do I will try to make the bulk of it on Horde, my non-main faction, for a different experience in gold-making.

Do many people know you have this amount of gold?

Because of my blog most people who know me know about my gold-making efforts. I don’t make it a point to scream my daily earnings in Trade but many people on my server seem to know. I sort of like people knowing, but at the same time it leads to people trying to charge me more for an item just because they know I have the gold. I just tell them I didn’t get this much gold by overpaying.

Did you spend your gold on fun things? What have you bought? What things would you like to buy?

I’ve bought several things while on the way to the gold cap. For my main character, Faid, I have a Vial of the Sands, Chopper, Mottled Drake, and Big Battle Bear. I’m on the look out for more TCG items as well. I also bought a Vial of the Sands for my boyfriend, as well as another for one of my Horde alts because I don’t like the Horde flying mounts. Beyond that most of the things I’ve bought have been “functional” in some way; gear upgrades for my alts, powerleveling professions on Horde, etc.

I would like to get a Spectral Tiger sometime, but at this point buying one would likely take me under one million gold and so I’m holding off until I have enough cushion to be able to buy one without losing my capped status.

If you were the professor of a gold making 101 college class, what would be some things you would talk about?

I think one of most important fundamentals to talk about is the use of professions. You don’t need professions to make gold but if you have the professions and use them well you can make much more.

Often I see people complaining that because they don’t have professions they cannot make gold and that’s downright untrue. They may miss out on certain tactics, such as shuffling, but the ways to make gold are so numerous there’s always something out there.

On the other hand I’ll see players who refuse to level professions and then complain about making gold, saying that it’s too hard. I think its important to realize just what role professions playin making gold and that’s something I’d definitely talk about.

How about an advanced gold making class?

I’m honestly not sure! I’ve never really thought of my gold making strategies as anything all that advanced and so I’d more likely be a student than a teacher! I imagine something that many new gold-makers don’t learn right away but should are things like cross-faction trading via the Neutral AH or the best times/ways to buy the things they need. (Middle of the night via Trade is a great time for cheap ore, for example.)

Do you have good farming strategies or spots?

I don’t always farm, but when I do I talk about it via a meme. In all seriousness, though, I don’t often farm. I try to learn about farming spots for my blog but am rarely out looking for farming locations. I tend to farm are Volatile Life (and, consequently, Heartblossom) by making rounds around Deepholm so that I can use the Life for Living Elements and the Heartblossom for Inferno Rubies. The only other thing I tend to farm is Embersilk and I often will pop a Potion of Treasure Finding and farm that around the Fractured Front in Deepholm or the Restless Front in Tol Barad.

What was the best deal you ever came across?

Since I’m not really one to deal in high value items I don’t often come across “deals,” unless you count buying hundreds of stacks of ore off a shady-looking level 1 through Trade. The only thing that comes to mind is being able to pick up the formula for Greater Stats to Chest, the best stats heirloom enchant, for under 100g. I learned it and haven’t used it much but was glad to get it.

Do you remember any of your worst deals?

I, like so many others, have accidentally put items up for less than they should. I can only think of doing it once, when I put up 30 Volatile Air for the price of 1. I strive to have as little risk as possible when making gold and so I have been able to largely avoid bad deals.

What are your future plans with WoW?

I will likely play WoW until it dies out and then I’ll move on to another MMO. I hope to continue raiding with my guild for quite some time and I want to continue to contribute to the WoW gold-making community, as it’s one of my biggest interests surrounding the game. I have no concrete plans, beyond “keep on keepin on.”

What are you predictions for the future WoW economy?

In patch ______ gems will be a hot seller. Hey, can’t go wrong with that prediction, can you? As there are no official announcements for upcoming patches yet I can’t make any semi-firm speculation. I’m sure epic gems are somewhere out there, there will be more mounts to buy and more achievements to earn. Inflation will become outrageous and people will look back, some day, at this interview and think “Psh, I get 1 million from doing a daily.” At the end of the day that’s the game we all play!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for Warcraft Econ. Do you have any last words?

The time I’ve spent focusing on gold making and contributing to the gold-making community has been wonderful and I hope it continues to be. There are many amazing people who are part of this community and I want to invite any other person interested in gold-making to get involved: You won’t regret it!